Our services

Our products and services are focused on uplifting capability whilst supporting change delivery.

We help your people see the potential of the collective intelligence of Humans & AI in your business.  Reducing fear, increasing curiosity for a deeper level of engagement where your people can see the value in AI as a team mate. 

Strategies and plans for a sustained performance culture

Do you know if you have the right culture to achieve your strategy and goals for the next 5-10 years?

We help you understand the culture you currently have, its strengths and weaknesses and establish a roadmap so you can have confidence that you have the right culture in place to meet future problems and opportunities, and deliver your strategic agenda.

Gain deeper insights into your culture to identify the most important things your employees and leaders need to do moving forward for your business to meet future problems and opportunities.

  • Culture Diagnostic -Creating visibility of all aspects of the current culture  (enablers and challenges) and gaps to address for the future    workplace.
  • Culture Roadmap - Key actions and milestones required to build an AI and    automation ready culture with sustained performance
How to Supercharge your workplace performance in an intelligent way.
Leveraging AI and Elevating Performance

Each of our engagements starts with us getting to know your objectives and the organisational context for the changes you're looking to make. 

Our AI Readiness Diagnostic & Roadmap provides clarity and alignment for suggested next best actions. It includes key focus areas for changes required in culture and capability in order to mitigate the risks of AI change when it comes to integration with your people.

Targeted products and services to meet the needs of your organisation to ensure AI is leveraged and the performance of your people is elevated.

  • Creating Future Fit organisations now – getting your Senior Leaders aligned and ready to become the high performing team required for successfully integrating Humans & AI in the workplace.
  • AI Readiness Foundations for Leaders -Understanding the changes required in your team to ensure AI can be leveraged in your business to elevate performance. 
  • AI Change Leadership program -Our foundational program to build understanding of AI change in your business and what it means to your specific team in terms of first steps, next steps and how to sustain positive momentum for leveraging AI and elevating performance.
  • 1 on 1 Executive Coaching - Dedicated support for leaders who require support for achieving their own goals and addressing challenges in their team or organisation.
  • Change Advisory - Strategic and operational support for AI Adoption in your business.
Strategies and plans for Enterprise
Change Management

For us, it's more than management – it's about building the supporting structures, tools and processes to ensure the effectiveness of your change efforts. When it comes to complex changes, we have synthesised decades of transformation experience which means we can help you fast track the outcomes your business needs. 

  • Enterprise Change Framework
    Creating a way of delivering change in your organisation in a    clear and concise way that everyone can remember and implement
  • Executive and Business Leader coaching
    Leadership practices for how to integrate individuals, teams and organisations (with a focus on building resilience, openness or understanding of change
  • Establishing a team of change practitioners
    How best to design and establish a team of change practitioners
  • Setting up change champions across the business
    Building understanding and practical action for how to lead change for themselves and others
  • Change Toolkit
    Easy to use tools and templates for busy leaders
  • Change Leadership Program
    How to lead change (focus on leading self and leading others)
  • Change Governance and Measurement
  • Designing change governance for optimal visibility and decision-making using data from the change delivery