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Humans & AI in the Workplace
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What We Do

We help organisations create change that's better.

By working with leaders to build their change leadership capability, we leave them with the mindset and skills for the behaviours required in the future of work, where high performing teams are even more critical for business success.   

We also specialise in the integration of Humans & AI in the workplace so that it's done in an intelligent way.

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How we deliver value

Through decades of experience in organisational change, we know what practically works in businesses.

We partner with you to create clarity of what's changing and the why so you have a deep awareness and understanding of the changes required, the impacts, the complexity and the enablers and barriers for the change.  

Our approach is grounded in the neuroscience and psychology of behaviour change coupled with change delivery practices which enable us to support leaders to drive effective change in organisations.  

We deliver value by helping leaders avoid the wasted energy and cost that is unnecessarily generated from introducing intelligent technologies into an organisational environment that hasn’t yet built trust and transitioned to the culture, skills and structure required for success.

Simplify the Complex

We know creating any kind of change in organisations can be challenging,  overly complex and overwhelming.  Especially when adopting AI. It can be difficult for leaders to know how best to navigate new types of change as well as the volume and pace of change. We see many issues arising from a lack of thoughtful planning of the human and technology integration points.  This results in unnecessary fear and disruption, creating further ambiguity and waste.  Taking you further away from profitable business outcomes.

We synthesise and simplify the complexity and build a brain friendly strategy for how to successfully create change in your business - getting buy-in from your people and helping identify the best leadership habits, cultural attributes and organisational structure for success. 

Leverage AI

Technology is only as good as the way it is used … by people. If your team don’t understand the future of their work and how this will change their work and career path, or they feel excluded because digital literacy for AI hasn’t been on your organisation’s capability pathway, then your intelligent technology will likely hit a human bottleneck.

Our AI Readiness Diagnostic and Roadmap provides tailored insights as to how ready your business is, to get the value from AI. We also give you information, tailored for your specific context about: your potential wins, opportunities and watch outs (WOW), so you have an intelligent pathway forward.

We help your leaders provide clarity of what’s changing as well how to build digital literacy and a shared understanding, so that AI is used in the organisation in an intelligent way, and you can get the full value out of your investment.

Through our partner ecosystem, we effectively integrate people, process and technology ensuring that the change is `done with’ the business rather than `to the business’, super-charging engagement and delivering long term ROI.

Elevate Performance

Being a leader in a high performing team has never been more important. With the introduction of intelligent technologies, there's more focus and pressure on leaders to work as allys who are aligned to an enterprise way of thinking. We know  what's needed and how to help leaders build their allyship. Our High Performing Team Framework makes it easy for leaders to understand what's needed in a simple and memorable format. Which makes it easy for them to make the right decision in the moment. 

We’re passionate about building independence in others to be better leaders of change. Practically this means we work with leaders to build their change leadership capability to lead themselves and others through change that's a better experience. 


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If you're curious and would like to leverage our knowledge and experience to fast track your Humans and AI integration, or to simply learn more, visit the AI Adaptive Knowledge Centre.

What our clients say

We've had the opportunity to work with many awesome leaders in business. We're grateful for the partnerships and the spirit of engagement which allows us to build trusted connections that last beyond the initial engagement. 

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Dr Debra Panipucci (Rivera)

Co-Founder and Director


Co-Founder and Director
Our Leadership team

We’ve been working in the space of AI change since 2019 and we love it.

From day 1, we could see that increasingly complex tasks were starting to be delegated to AI systems, and the role of AI in work collaborations was changing rapidly. Through our work with clients across a wide range of industries, we have seen AI start to evolve from a technology used as a tool, to becoming an employee’s teammate.

Having held senior positions in large organisations and worked in delivering transformational organisational change for decades, we understand the pressures that leaders are under to deliver value faster and with minimal disruption. 

We value working in partnership and building trusted relationships that extend beyond the initial engagement.