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We engaged with Leisa and Deborah on several initiatives. Concepts like change, stakeholder engagement and the way in which we understand our stakeholders was super important to the team.
This was an area where we engaged Leisa and Deborah to help us build a bit more of a language toolbox, thinking to help us succeed as we start to work through our day -to -day capabilities and responsibilities, but also to better engage our stakeholders at all levels.
It was something that we practiced as well, which was really helpful.
In the couple of months since, we’ve actually seen particularly some of the team members who’ve had no exposure to these concepts or skills actually start applying those and start to see the results of their labour, which has been really good for us.
Daniella, GCISO, WesFarmers
“What I truly appreciate about Debra and Leisa’s work, is their understanding of teams and individual behaviours.  An understanding of both is essential to execute successful change. Debra and Leisa are able to speak to both with confidence, relevance and backed by the relevant science and research. Their ability to simply identify and explain patterns and resistors to change at both a team and individual level allows for great discussions and ultimately outcomes.”
Daniel, CEO, BGL
“Throughout our partnership, Adaptive Change Mindset brought a range of tools and frameworks to help our people build their resilience and navigate significant change in the workplace. These concepts were deployed extensively in the leadership teams, to help unify, align and generate a sense of energy for the opportunities for both our people as well as the wider organisation. The formal training sessions delivered by Leisa continued to use the concept values-driven conversations as a consistent language to navigate challenges and decisions, as well as serve as a framework for the individual coaching sessions, which was a key initiative in embedding the behavioural change in our leaders and ensuring the ongoing success of our teams well beyond the conclusion of this engagement.”
Andrew, Digital Innovation Studio Lead, Avanade
“I worked with Leisa and Debra Panipucci in my Head of Risk Role at UniSuper.  What instantly struck me in working with both of them was their passion, compassion and ability to connect the dots and see the big picture.  We worked on a number organisational change and development projects and through each of these areas they helped build a clear frame for the problem we were solving and shape a human centred approach for working through it.  It meant that solutions were adopted with little to no resistance, were commended by all involved as they knew what it meant for them and helped embed the change because the people owned it. It was inspiring to see such powerful approach delivered in a structured yet subtle way and truly helped me build my own change leadership through this time.  
Ruby, Former Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, UniSuper
“Leisa is the best Change Advisor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is one of those rare individuals who can see the strategy and be across the detail enough to create the best approach to execute. That is also why the change programs she delivers are so successful.” ​

Nathalie, Former Group Manager, Programs Transformations and Operations​, Avanade
“Big thank you to Deb and everyone whose been involved …the amount of time and effort that went into the preparation, really paid dividends today in terms of the outcomes we’ve had… I felt really prepared.”​

Jason,​ Head of Networks Operations. APA​